In addition to our innovative in-house technologies and processing equipment, we offer a range of New and Used equipment such as homogenisers, heat exchangers, pumps, valves and more

  • An enclosed compact milk pasteurizer


    We are sole distributors of HST Krones Homogenisers in Ireland. HST’s high-pressure homogenisers are designed and manufactured in Dassow, Germany, leveraging decades of design know-how in this field.

  • An enclosed compact milk pasteurizer


    Unison Engineering Services Ltd's HTST Flash Pasteurizers are dependable, economical and available to international markets. Pasteurisation is generally procedure number one when it comes to preservation of freshly filled products.

  • An Arsopi heat exchanger with additional generic heat exchanger plates

    Heat Exchangers

    We supply, service and are on hand for 24/7 support on all makes of Plate Heat Exchangers as well as Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers. We also supply PHE Gaskets from GEA Ecoflex, Arsopi, Alfa Laval, APV, Fischer, Tranter, Schmidt, Swed and more.

  • A valve in an isolated environment


    Shut-off, Block or Regulation valves? For Hygienic or Aseptic application? See our selection of Fluid Process Valves. For Valve Sealing Quality, Long Service Life and Hygiene that ensures high performance across your line.

  • A process pump in an isolated environment


    We are sole distributors of Evoguard pumps in Ireland. Evoguard offer innovative centrifugal pumps for the food and beverage industries and also for aseptic applications. Evoguard pumps meet the highest industry standards for product quality, hygiene, reliability and energy efficiency.

  • A milk filling machine

    Other Equipment

    In addition to traditional processing equipment, we also source and supply miscellaneous machinery and equipment like bottle filling machines, milk tanks and cheese vats. We have also developed the Unison Water Saver which recycles process water, saving you on costs and reducing your carbon footprint.