Equipment and Products

In addition to our innovative in-house technologies and and cost-efficient processing equipment, we offer a range of new and used equipment such as homogenisers, pasteurisers, heat exchangers, pumps, valves and more.


We are sole distributors of HST Krones high-pressure Homogenisers in Ireland.

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Unison's HTST Flash Pasteurisers are dependable, economical and available to international markets.

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Heat Exchangers

We supply, service and offer 24/7 support on all makes of Plate and Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers.

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Shut-off, Block or Regulation valves? For Hygienic or Aseptic application? See our selection of Fluid Process Valves.

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We are sole distributors of Evoguard centrifugal pumps for the food and beverage industries in Ireland.

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Other Equipment

Bottle filling machines, water recovery systems, milk tanks and cheese vats. We source and supply it all.

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